How to do Correction or Delete EWS/DG Admission Application Registration Form Online (2018-19)

The online admission for the EWS/DG category commenced every year and around lakhs of applicants applies under this computerized selection scheme in Delhi.

If you have applied for this year session and after the registration you felt of any mistake filling in form then don’t worry you have an option to delete or correct the applied online application.

Below are the procedures you have to follow for the correction of EWS application:

Step 1: First click on this link: . You will land on below screenshot page.

step 1

Step 2: Now click on the “For Deletion of Registration/Application Form” link on point number 3. It will land to you a form “Deletion of Application Form for EWS/DG Admission for session 2018-19”. There is two options:

ews correction

1. Request for Deletion
2. Delete data EWS/DG Admission

Step 3: Now click on first “Request for Deletion” and fill the require details and submit. Now wait for your request for deletion.

ews correction

Step 4: In second option you can directly delete your ews/dg registration. Just insert your Registration number and the registered mobile number where you will get otp. It will provide you one time password on your registered mobile number. Please use that OTP to delete your old registration form. After this you can apply for the fresh new application with accurate delete.

Please note for any correction first you need to delete old application registration after that you can apply for new one. Please have patience while filling the form.


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